Our Dedicated Team of Experts

We believe that the synergy of our diverse talents is what sets us apart. Our team members
collaborate closely, Whether you’re looking to boost your affiliate marketing efforts,
enhance your online presence, or expand your digital assets, our team is here to
support your goals.

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Meet Our Senior Team

Shmama Tul Umber

Co-Founder & CTO ( Chief Technical Officer), Digital Strategist,SEO,SEM,SMM Expert , Affiliate Marketer

Abdul Rehman Ilahi

Founder & CEO , Sales Expert,Business Consultant,Startup Accelerator,Fund Raising Advisor

Umar Malik

Vise Presedent Sales,Business Developer,Sales Manager,Marketing Expert

Chaudhry Ashar

Full-Stack Web Developer & App Developer

Jawwad Khan

Data Scientist /Operating Systems Developer

Abdul Wahab

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Developer

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